Terms & Conditions

All are services are provided only when you pay for them. None of the services are provided free.

For 99/- Rupees we only provide basic consultation for your registration services. And we will not perform any activity for you. This fee is nonrefundable and is valid for 3 days only.

Registration charges are 1499/- and the customer will be responsible for providing all types of documents, certificates, and other required documents. This 1499/- is valid for 1 month only. After that, we will not provide any service for this if the customer is unable to provide the required documents in 1 month.

We are not responsible if customer is unable to provide any of specification, Documents or proofs. We are not responsible for any fraud if happened to any office or person.

All the fee and charges are our for us only. Other required payments are being made by customers and referring offices only.

We are not responsible for providing reseller certification, Trademark certification of manufacturer certificates. Customer have to obtain everything by their own.

All our training programs are available online only. Once the fee is a paid it cannot be refunded in any situation.

We do not provide any assistance once the training is finished and we have informed our students about it.

Registration on GeM is subject to once your account is able to upload products and services only.

Our Bidding packages does not mean that you will get the order or bids, that means you are participating in that order or bid only. We are not responsible if you don’t get any order or tender.

As you buy our services you allow us the access of your accounts, documents, photos, prices, etc so that we can work for you on the GeM Portal. You also make us access everything on your behalf. And no one can blame us for anything legally.

We will provide refunds only in few cases and all gateway charges and our consultation fee will be not refunded and deducted from the paid amount. It will take upto 15 days to start or initiate your refund.

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